Should You Write a Fancy Outline for Your Novel?

SHOULD YOU WRITE A FANCY OUTLINE FOR YOUR NOVEL? By Jean M. Cogdell. Maybe – Maybe not. It’s your book, you make the rules. Different strokes for different folks. Me, I’m trying to be more organized in my writing this year. Only time will te… View Original Post: Should You Write a Fancy Outline for Your Novel? Continue reading Should You Write a Fancy Outline for Your Novel?

Heartfelt Reviews for “Heart Seasons”

HEARTFELT REVIEWS FOR “HEART SEASONS!” Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation by Dianna Donnely is written after the author faced a medical crisis, and it encapsulates the different periods of the author’s life. She has made it interesting and colorful by giving the sessions in the book the colors of the rainbow. The seven bands she has used symbolize the opening of her heart to God’s … Continue reading Heartfelt Reviews for “Heart Seasons”

My New Novel “Heart Seasons” is Here!

MY NEW NOVEL “HEART SEASONS: THE RAINBOW REVELATION” IS HERE! The journey to “Heart Seasons” began in the Spring of 2012 and finally came full circle on December 16, 2016. After many, many, many hours, days, months and years, and a new version of my original vision later, the big day finally arrived. “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” is a spiritual, inspirational fictional story based on real life events and it is … Continue reading My New Novel “Heart Seasons” is Here!

Perfect Weather for Tying Up Loose Ends

SNOWY WEATHER IS PERFECT FOR TYING UP LOOSE ENDS! So close now! Either tonight or tomorrow I’ll be submitting my novel “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” to CreatSpace for review. It certainly has been a long time coming and I am ready!! I’m also ready to get back to baking and cooking and my food photography! COMING VERY, VERY SOON!   PROLOGUE Have you ever … Continue reading Perfect Weather for Tying Up Loose Ends

Taking the Final Steps

TAKING THE FINAL STEPS TO INDIE-PUBLISHING HEART SEASONS! “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” will be available in a matter of days. The plan was to have my book ready by the holidays and I am going to make it!!! The entire process of writing this fiction based on real life novel has taken three very long years and now it is finally almost ready to … Continue reading Taking the Final Steps

The Blessing of a Spectacular Setting Sun

THE BLESSING OF A SPECTACULAR INSPIRATIONAL SUNSET! Just like a beautiful sunset signals the ending to a perfect day, for me it represents the culmination of my current writing journey. I’m indie publishing my novel “Heart Seasons,” an inspirational fictional story based on real life, and the day is almost here. We’re feverishly tying up all the loose ends and getting ready to push that publish button. It’s been a long, long year of ups and downs … Continue reading The Blessing of a Spectacular Setting Sun